Cant Login To My Purdue

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Cant Login To My Purdue

Posted by Brossard Amaury on Sunday, 9 February, 2020 02:58:43

Guest accounts for PAL wireless access are also available, although Purdue guest accounts are required only if your guest(s) will need access to internal Purdue resources. Related Costs: Purdue has implemented a new voice and data costing model for fiscal year 2015-16 that includes wireless service. How to report problems or issues:

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Can't log into Blackboard? If you have tried to log into Blackboard but receive a message, in red letters, telling you your password or username is incorrect, you probably need to reset your Purdue Career Account password using one of the following methods:

If your department's IT staff administers your computer, you will need to contact them to install the VPN client for you. If you maintain your own computer, you can go to the AnyConnect portal and follow the instructions to get connected. For the VPN connection, be sure to log in using your Purdue Career Account username and BoilerKey.

HI! I'm an alumni and just found out that I can't get a student e-mail id to access purdue computer network. Is anyone willing to let me use their account? I would be willing to pay like ten dollars to use your account so I can login to the machines. If you can help you can email me at [email]branina1****.com[/email].

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