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Email Needs Security Login Notifications

Posted by Brais Adeline on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 22:11:21

What are security alerts and Dark Web Alerts, and what to do when I get one Every day it seems a new website or service experiences a security breach. Sometimes it's a big name and you hear about it and you even remember to change the password.

To view alerts: In the Microsoft Cloud App Security portal, click on Alerts. Dismiss an alert after you look at it and determine it's not interesting. Enter a comment to explain why you dismissed the alert; Send us feedback about this alert to be reviewed by our security research team for improving the alerts.

You can receive alerts via email, text message and push notification when there is a charge, refund or other transaction on your account, when a balance transfer or payment has posted, to get balance and available credit limit amounts, when a payment is due, or when a payment has posted.

Below that is a grey box with a + symbol then Connect - obviously to 'connect'/add another email account and then, below that, the MS four squares logo in a light grey box with an account email name, and 'manage your account' in orange text below it, and a darker grey box with 'disconnect' bottom right corner.

Wells Fargo Bank customers who have received email security notification messages like the one below claiming that their Wells Fargo online accounts have been accessed from an unauthorized computer, are asked to delete the email messages and should not to follow the instructions in them.

Learn How to Change the Default Email Account for Microsoft Notifications in Windows 8. Step 4: When you are through, you will need to select Notifications option from the left banner.